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Dick's Sporting Goods no longer selling assault-style rifles

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In the wake of the Florida shooting our state legislator is voting on gun reform laws. 

Meanwhile, stores are taking measures regarding the sales of certain weapons and ammunition. They say this will help ensure public safety. 

Dick's Sporting Goods made an announcement that they are no longer selling assault-style rifles and will be banning the sale of any gun to people younger than 21.

Peoria shoppers told 25 News how they felt about this. 

"My first response was that Dick's was showing courage, to potentially interfere with their profit, by taking a stand on this issue," stated Ellen McRae. 

"I don't believe they should ban the assault rifle," stated Alan Cook. 

John Meek owns Midwestern Firearms Company in East Peoria. He does not think these restrictions will have any baring on crimes. 

"I don't know how that is going to deter unlawful use of firearms," stated Meek. 

He said some classifications of assault-style rifles include AR style rifles and M16 fully automatic, none of which he can access or sell as a private owner 

"I don't have a problem with them increasing the age. I think 18 year olds are too young for a military-style weapon," said shopped Michael Ragan. 

There has been talk in Springfield about banning bump stocks. Meek shared his thoughts. 

"I don't think bump stocks are going to hurt anything as far as their use. I personally don't embrace that type of device," stated Meek.

Meek does not sell them. 

"They are very inaccurate as far as shooting a rifle goes. I think they are inherently unsafe to a measure," he added.

Meek also told me he thinks these bills being discussed in Springfield Wednesday are senseless and a waste of taxpayer money because, he said, killing is already illegal. 

Illinois already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. 

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