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Buddy Check 25: New focus on 4 core principles

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Thanks to heightened awareness, early detection, improved treatments and better access to care, more people have a better chance of beating breast cancer than ever before.

Gina Morss talks about the steps beyond breast self-exam that you can take to be proactive about your breast health.

Every month on the 25th, we share a breast health message with you. We call it Buddy Check 25. For the past 20 years our primary focus has been to remind you to do your breast self-exam and to encourage you to invite a buddy...a friend to do the same.

Now, we want to change the conversation a bit to refocus our attention on four breast health principles.

They are:

  • Know your risk.
  • Your family health history,
  • Make healthy choices. Know what's normal for your body by doing a self-exam and paying attention to changes in how you feel and look.
  • And get screened! The American Cancer Society, Susan G. Komen Foundation and all major medical organizations recommend annual mammograms for women beginning at age 40.

Last month, we talked specifically about knowing your risk for breast cancer, which meant talking to your doctor about your family cancer history and genetic testing.

This month, we talk about making healthy choices. That means diet, increasing fruits and vegetables, more proteins, and reducing saturated fats and sugars. And don't forget exercise! Pick the program you enjoy most and do it. Medical experts say moving more can lower your risk of developing breast cancer and help you rebound faster if you are diagnosed.

Finally, research shows tobacco use and high alcohol intake are not just risk factors for lung and liver diseases.

Those chemicals can also feed the cells that turn into breast cancer.

For more information on breast health and our Buddy Check partners Susan G. Komen, OSF Saint Francis, UnityPoint Health Methodist-Proctor-Pekin and the Community Cancer Center. Log onto our website.

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