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Local flooding: when in Rome ... leave in waders or a boat

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ROME, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

You will actually find boats parked in front of some central Illinois homes rather than cars.

If you live right next to the Illinois River, there's a good chance you're getting out of the house in waders or some kind of boat.

Norman Admire has lived in Rome on the banks of the Illinois for more than two decades, so he's seen numerous floods.

If he has to, he uses a canoe to get out of the house.

Admire said sometimes it happens a couple of times per year, other times, it is only every few years.

Either way, he said it really isn't that big a deal, as long as you're prepared.

"We built this house twenty years ago," said Admire talking about his river-side house. "We built it for the floods, so we knew they were coming. We just deal with it; it's only water."

Meanwhile downstream, Sie Maroon is always keeping an eye on the river levels.

As Peoria Public Works Superintendent, he said being prepared for it is inevitable.

"I think that they need to be creative in their own way," said Maroon. "I noticed where one person had their furnace up on their ceiling as apposed to on the floor," discussing how he has seen some folks prepare.

You might think, does the flood nuisance ever get old?


"We love the river," said Admire. "We enjoy watching the boats, we enjoy watching the eagles and all the wildlife, ... I do a lot of skiing too."

When asked if it was all worth it, Admire replied "Absolutely!" 

The flooding is of course happening a little earlier than we normally see it.

Spring is a common time when we get that flooding, however, this serves as a good reminder that flooding can happen anytime of the year.

Always remember, safety first.

You never know what is under the flood waters, and remember, "turn around, don't drown."

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