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Free classes for local artists looking to make a name

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Painting by Alec DeJesus Painting by Alec DeJesus
PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

The art scene in Peoria is growing. New murals are constantly popping up and local art is sprinkled all over the downtown area, but  members of the 'Emerging Artists Collective' still believe it's hard for local artists to break into the field.
That's why they host classes each month, bringing together young artists to network, discuss their passion and teach them the business side of the Peoria art scene. 

Blair Clark, a local artist and administrator for the group says "It's good to have that community and that social aspect, to work with each other." Clark points out that the group is just a much a resource for artists as it is a community, helping each other out.

Alec DeJesus an established artist in the city and part of the muscle behind the organization of the groups says art is just as important as any other discipline.

As such, the collective wants to educate artists while creating opportunities.

"It enriches the community. You're not just seeing a bunch of grey buildings. Maybe some grey buildings with color inside it. But as well you get murals, you get all sorts of people and not just visual artists. You get musicians, writers, you kind of just build up the community with it." said DeJesus.

Both he and Clark encourage anyone interested to come to their free classes which meet every 4th Thursday of the month inside Ear in the Envelope. 

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