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Madigan slates votes on gun control measures next week

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House Speaker Michael Madigan (D-Chicago) is scheduling a series of votes on gun control measures in the wake of the Florida school shooting. 

The package of bills includes stricter regulations on gun dealers, restrictions on purchases of "military-style assault rifles," and measures to keep people with a history of mental illnesses from getting guns. 

“Young people and families whose lives have been forever changed by tragic school shootings went to their state capital and to Washington this week to demand their local legislators and President Trump get serious about enacting tougher gun laws. Their voices need to be heard because it’s now clearer than ever that while it’s the politicians who are refusing to act, it’s our children who suffer the consequences,” Madigan said. “Here in Illinois, Democrats will act on their plea. We will pursue legislation that limits access to the military-style assault rifles that were used to make schools in Florida and Newton into war zones. We will take steps to keep firearms out of the hands of people with a history of mental illness. And we will hold gun dealers accountable to ensure they are complying with the law.”

One bill will require gun dealers to obtain state licenses, similar to car dealerships, real estate agencies and beauty salons. Another bill would allow family members or law enforcement officials to ask a court to temporarily intervene to prevent those deemed a threat to themselves or others from having a gun. Enhanced screening measures and a ban on the sale of "military-style assault rifles" to those under age 21 would also be part of the package of bills. 

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