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Park police gear up for the rising waters

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The rain falls and the river rises.

This weekend the Illinois River is expected to reach about 25-feet in Peoria, just below major flooding. 

Friday morning our crew took a boat ride with the Chief of Fon Du Lac Park Police Department. 

Loading at the dock, the water was almost five feet over it's usual measuring line. 

Heading out into the channel it usually pools about 12.6-feet, Friday it was sitting at 20-feet.

The chief said you might want to put off riverfront activities until the water goes down. 

"When the water comes up, you have a lot of debris floating which causes hazards to boaters, and recreational boaters that may be out. Plus we have to worry about folks that sight see and walk along the shore and see the water. Unfortunately, that ground isn't very stable because of the fast moving water," said Chief Mike Johnson. 

The chief adds if you fall in the river this time of year, and are not rescued within 15 to 20 minutes, you will not likely survive.

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