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Families of local high school shaken up after Florida school shooting

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The fear from a Florida High School shooting was felt here in Central Illinois.

The horrific day left many shaken up. 

Shock seemed to paralyze some of the families at an East Peoria school Wednesday, after learning the 18th school shooting of the new year, fell on a day that's supposed to honor love.

Tarica Moore, mother of an East Peoria Community High School freshman said worry set in as she arrived to pick him up and learned that in Florida, some parents wouldn't be so lucky

"I texted my son 50 million times to make sure he's ok. I texted my daughter. I'm just that kind of parent." said Moore.

Students tried desperately to escape Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Valentine's Day after police say a gunman unleashed pain and suffering on the community; killing 17 and injuring 14.

 This caused one dad here at home to wonder how safe kids are within their own high school halls.

"They're gonna have to do something more about it. Put a cop there or a couple cops there or something. Metal detectors or something there to help prevent what's coming into the schools." said Corey Campbell, father of another East Peoria High School student.

Illinois has seen there share of school shootings in the past decade, but most recent of them was just 5 months ago. The frequency of such scary events is leaving kids, just as worried as their parents.

Kaleb Bustle, a high school junior expressed fear thinking about the incident. "It's all just crazy. It's just like every other day it seems like there's something going on. There's a shooting or something terrible going on. You just don't know what to expect next. You just wake up and go about the day." 

Despite the fear of not knowing where or when the next terrorizing event could happen, he said his school is doing their best to prepare them, by having multiple drills. 

Those drills are new to parents like Moore, who said the way kids handle their issues in 2018 is shockingly different than back in the day. "When we were growing up we didn't have that. We didn't have people bringing guns to school. You had a fist fight and that was it."

CNN reported that alleged shooter  Nikolas Cruz,19, had disturbing content on social media that they plan to investigate.

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