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Flower shops are working overtime for Valentine's Day

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February 14th is all about hearts, flowers, and love. 

It's a busy day for flower shops in Central Illinois. 

Greg Becks with Becks Florist had to put in his order for flowers before Christmas to make sure he had enough for everyone this special day. 

Over the course of this week his team will deliver more than 600 orders. 

"I'd like to tell everyone if they start the week before we have no problem getting them exactly what they want," said Becks. 

Designer Jenny Howell, at Geier Florist, also had people planning ahead.

"We've had people ordering for months already. We had our first Valentine's Day order on the first of the year," said Howell. 

There are the classic bouquets like red roses or red mixed with white roses.

These designers know how to craft a unique look.

"A lot of other colors. More pinks, more yellows, more whites, and just bright colors. I think that's a big trend, the bright colors," said Howell. 

"The first color I ran out of was peach actually,"  added Becks. 

Both flower shops we spoke to have been in the area for awhile, stressing the importance of shopping local.

"This shop has been here well over 100 years. Count on your local people to make the right choice for your arrangement and to make sure they're extra fresh and beautiful," said Howell.

If you are a last minute shopper, have no fear.

There will still be plenty of options to chose from in store.

"We'll even have bouquets that are pre-made of assorted items so we can just drop it in a vase quick or they can just take it with them," said Becks. 

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