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Contest recognizes local artists' talent

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For years Peoria has enjoyed all different kinds of arts, like ArtPop Peoria, an initiative of ArtsPartners that promotes local artists' work.  

You can see the work of local artists on Adams Outdoor 48' x 14' billboards. 

ArtsPartners brought ArtPop to Peoria in 2015, making it the third city in the country to offer something like this.

Every year local artists are able to submit 2D and 3D pieces and your art could be seen throughout the River City as a result.

Executive Director for ArtsPartners Jenn Gordon said, "We've got just an incredible community of highly-talented local artists here in Peoria and so to be able to offer a program that is an exceptional vehicle for promoting their work is something that we are really proud of." 

Each year they have between 130-180 submissions and this year there will be six winners.

The city will see the winners on billboards and submissions are open now through Feb. 25th. 

For more information go to, click here.

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