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Parts of central Illinois get 10" of snow

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LACON, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Portions of central Illinois saw 10" of snow fall Monday and Tuesday night's snowfall is piling up on top of what has already fallen.

That is keeping many busy.

Like many, Steve Wenz, owner of Wenz Plowing in Lacon, was caught by surprise Monday night.

"This weather is crazy," said Wenz. "You never know what you're going to get!"

Lacon got just over 10" of snow Monday night in round one of several rounds the area is seeing this week.

Round one kept Wenz busy.

"We got our hands full," said Wenz. "We've been plowing all night and all day. I'm tired," laughed Wenz.

In the summer Wenz does construction work; in the winter, he depends on plowing snow.

He was happy about Monday's snow.

Wenz estimated he plowed a total of twenty-five driveways along with a few parking lots Monday.

He said that's good for his business, especially after the lack of snowfall the last several years.

"The last couple years people have spent thousands and thousands ... on new trucks and plows and we haven't had no snow for three years," said Wenz.

With the extra work Monday's snow brought, Wenz is thankful he has a little help.

Daniel Carter works for Wenz, and Monday's amount of snow caught him by surprise too.

He said to a friend of his, "I 'wonder if we were going to get a foot or not', and by golly it was about a foot," said Carter.

Although the area saw the most snowfall in years, school in Lacon was not canceled.

The snow was part of heavy band that moved through Marshall, Stark, and Knox Counties.

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