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Groundhog Day prediction, remainder of winter outlook

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LINCOLN, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

An article was published Friday by The Washington Post calling Punxsutawney Phil 131 year old "fake news."

The statistics prove that the rodent is not accurate.

Phil's accuracy in predicting the Weather is 48%; so, you are actually better off flipping a coin.

"In most places, rarely do we have a winter that after February 2nd, you just don't get any more winter Weather," said Chris Miller, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service. "That would be an extremely rare winter."

As for what trained forecasters are predicting for the rest of this winter, the variable pattern will continue.

"The weather pattern we've been in for the last couple of months is not going to change," said Miller. "We're just going to see more of the same through February and March."

The up and down temperatures has been something we have been no stranger to in central Illinois this winter.

It has been similar to a roller coaster, and that will continue.

Also as we look ahead, we are looking to add to our snow totals, that have been a little bit below average this season.

That comes with an important note from our meteorologists and those at the National Weather Service.

For example, one of the most popular places to get inaccurate information is Facebook.

Beware of amateur forecasters or even old graphics of weather predictions from years past being recirculated.

"There's a lot of information out there that is either old information ... or we're seeing people going with the most extreme forecasts," said Miller. "In fact, dozens of computer models are indicating that it's not going to be that bad. So you just have to be careful, especially when you're talking anywhere from five or six days out."

A good way to know if a post is legit, check our website or the 25 Weather Tracker app to see if a weather alert has been issued.

As for when we can expect spring, it doesn't officially start until March 20th.

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