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Community meetings about Kroger closures

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Our coverage continues about the Kroger closures on Western Avenue and Harmony Highway. 

Many are worried where their next meal will come from with the stores closing at the end of January. 

On Saturday leaders held meetings to get the community involved, with the goal of working together in order to move forward. 

"But even more than that, to talk about alternative healthy food strategies where we can start creating a system, where we can provide multiple sources of quality, healthy and affordable food," stated Dr. Leslie McKnight.

Some of those in attendance said they are feeling optimistic. 

"Well, I thought it was an incredibly good meeting. The turnout was awesome. The leadership of the meeting was just outstanding," stated Dwight Winnett. 

They are exploring different models and strategies such as attracting different grocery stores, co-op's, community gardens and farmers market.  

Winnett said he thinks the community can provide a good store with good profit if given a chance.

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