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Flash freeze means icy roads for drivers

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Public Works salt trucks stocking up to protect the roads Public Works salt trucks stocking up to protect the roads

Drastic weather changes don't just affect how you feel outside. In fact, they have as much of an impact on the ground as they do the air.

'Public Works' Superintendent Sie Maroon explained that they sent technicians out to put rock salt the roads early in the afternoon because cars would drive over the salt.

That would then push it into the ground, providing a thin shield between any precipitation and the street.

During the day it may have looked like the roadways were clear but Maroon said looks can be deceiving. 

"Black ice is very misconceiving for people. It looks like it's asphalt pavement and it looks like our streets but then you've got that glaze right over the top of it and you would never know it until you got on it.  Really that's the bottom line is going slow approaching intersections approaching stop lights. Start stopping several hundred feet before to give you that stopping power." he explained. 

The concern is that any water on the ground will freeze in these low temperatures and drivers are advised to slow down as they make their way to destinations

Public Works also explains that concrete freezes before asphalt so even places you may think are safe like sidewalks or driveways, could be icy.

We want to remind you again to be careful if you step outside on untreated surfaces.

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