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Bicentennial Beer is brewing, Illinois

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Prepare to celebrate a milestone birthday than with an Illinois beer.

The showcase beverage came from Petersburg and is being canned now in Normal.

After 22 years as a funeral director, Mike Allison wanted to make beer, so he took his best shot at the state fair.

"We brought a beer called 'What the Fuzz', which was a cream ale with peach black tea and ginger. We won both the popular vote and the panel of expert judges. So, it was unanimous," Allison said.

Allison's brewing company, Hand of Fate, had only been open for about a year when the Petersburg beer house was put in charge of creating *he Bicentennial beer.

"The beer that we developed was to be about Illinois, which leads to be about Illinois being an agricultural community. Let's do a farmhouse style ale," Allison said.

They used yeast from a lab in Chicago, hops from a farm in Lewistown, barley, corn, wheat, and oats from the Land of Lincoln.

That recipe created the brew called 1818 Prairie State Farmhouse Ale, described as a light, easy drinking craft beer.

"But really it was a shock there were some amazing breweries there," Allison said.

Their win may seem like *fate*, as it comes from a historic place in Illinois.

Destihl Brewery in Normal is in the process now of making those cans of 1818.

But they won't be on shelves until at least March.

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