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Braving the cold to get the job done

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When we think about those who work at a grocery store, often times we may think of clerks and cashiers who stay inside.

What about those hustling out in the cold to get your carts or to help you load your groceries.

A teen worker at Haddad's West Peoria Market goes outside all the time for his job, but he said he would not have it any other way.

John Dixon has worked at Haddad's for a few years, while juggling college and other activities. 

He stocks selves, carries things outside and helps track down carts.

"Sometimes people park all the way out in the side parking lot and I have to walk all the way across," Dixon.

He is not complaining, though, because despite the cold, he said it is all worth it.

Dixon gets to serve others. 

"It makes braving the cold a lot easier; being able to talk to someone out there," he said.

After 25 News talked to Dixon at Haddad's, we headed to the East Peoria Fire Department to learn how the cold weather is impacting their jobs.

"It does delay our response time with the weather and icy conditions. We had wrecks this morning on the bridge. So, we're delayed by the traffic as well and sometimes we have to have snow plows come out in front of us and put salt down," stated Huffstutler. 

Firefighter Paramedic April Huffstutler has been in her role for almost 20 years. 

She said the ice and snow makes it difficult for them to do their jobs. 

"Sometimes our hydrants are hidden. So it's nice if there are markers or polls or some sort of indicator to let us know where the hydrants are at," said Huffstutler. 

Firefighters dress warmly for the cold and the extra clothing can put limits on mobility. 

"We can become more hypothermic and also hyperthermic because we are going from a very extreme cold condition on the way to the response and then outside setting up our equipment. Then we are going into and entering a structure fire, then you are subjected to extreme heats," stated Huffstutler. 

Thankfully those firefighters have not suffered any cases of frostbite this year and neither has Dixon.

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