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Protecting your car against dangerous temperatures

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Peoria, Ill. (WEEK) -

With dangerously cold conditions... the first thing you should do is bundle up to keep yourself safe. But, your vehicle's health could be at risk, too.

Terry Beachler at Beachler's Vehicle Care and Repair says the two main things to keep an eye on are tire pressure and the battery.

"Tires going into this cold weather if they're not inflated properly, the air contracts a little bit and you usually end up with a flat tire and usually it's in poor conditions that you have to change that tire, or have a service call. Other thing that happens is that the battery efficiency drops off considerably", said Beachler.

Getting stuck in the cold can be life threatening, O'Neal Perry of Peoria knows the panic of your car not starting when you need it most.

"Actually what made me check it was when the car didn't start this morning. It did a couple bad things, it didn't start. So I took it out and had it checked", said Perry.

To check your battery, run it by an auto shop for a quick test. As for tire pressure, that takes only a matter of minutes to check. Beachler pointed out that the habit of "warming up your car" before leaving can actually be more harmful.... then helpful. This is because of the potential of starting on fire.

Ultimately, if you can avoid using your car on the coldest days of the year you should.

"Just leave it sit. If you go out and start it, run it for a little while, start it, run it... it eventually drags the battery down. Then, the car doesn't start and that was totally avoidable by just leaving the car alone", said Beachler.

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