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The dangers of black ice: Multiple early morning accidents on I-74

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The major roads may be free from snow but drivers still might want to take extra caution on the road ways. 

Up bright and early,  many people were heading back to work Tuesday morning.

Those taking I-74 found themselves at a stand still. 

The hidden black ice was causing accidents. 

State Police said it started with one truck spinning out of control.

The roads looked clear, so other drivers tried to go around it as usual, but found  they couldn't stop or switch lanes in time. 

The black ice took blame for three more accidents that followed. 

Luckily no one was seriously hurt in those accidents.

So what is this dangerous black ice?

It's a thin coating of glaze ice that lays on the road.

It's transparent so there is a big risk of sliding or skidding due to the unexpected loss of traction.

"I would look the glare on the pavement, I think that's the biggest indicator of black ice," said Ric Semonski, head of the Street Department for East Peoria.

Another way to protect yourself is to drive slow, and be careful not to slam on your breaks.

Public works said every car is different  so the perfect speed may vary.

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