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Brimfield couple cheer in the New Year with a new baby boy

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OSF St. Francis Medical Center staff delivered the first new year's day baby to a Brimfield couple.    Carrie and Kendall Stahl welcomed their 7 pound bundle of joy Kyser at 1:25 am New Years day at  OSF St.  Francis Medical Center.   Kendall is especially excited because he is the only male in a family with eight sisters.   

"The first thing we're gonna go buy is a John Deere  TV  gator battery operated thing, that's what we're gonna buy first," said the baby's father.    Kendall is not wasting time introducing his new son to farming, his dad's line of work.   Two of Kendall's sisters who were there were just as excited about their new nephew.

"Every time my parents had another girl...I'm the 5th, so there's four more girls after me.  i was always like this has to be a boy this time.  it was always a girl.  I'm thankful for lots of sisters but definitely ready for the nephew," said Kourtney Stahl.

Carrie says she's surprised Kyser came on New Years day.  

"I think it was a shock like everything happened so fast.  we weren't expecting to have a little boy on New Years Day.   I think that's one of the reasons we're excited to have like this is a memory to document and show him later in life that we had the first one of the area," she said.

OSF surprised the couple with a huge gift basket.  Family members say it's one of many gifts  they hope to shower him with in the days and years to come.

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