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ISU students protest current tax reforms

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NORMAL, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

These students are from a group called Voices of Reason, some are graduate students.

The event sponsored by the YWCA and Young Democrats.  

Those here oppose both bills saying the rich benefit and the middle class will be hurt:

"I think what it does is de-equalize the upper class and the middle class," said student Katie MacLauchan.

Democrats say the tax plan is likely to add a trillion and a half dollars in more debt for the country, the deficit.  

Republicans argue incentives will stimulate the economy leading to more tax revenue to pay off that debt.

Those protesting here clearly don't believe that.

They object to education provisions in the bills. 

"It will make it almost impossible. They would have to take on individualized debt. I'm sure the lending institutions, well maybe the private ones will have a field day with this and make more money," said Julie Webber, a professor at ISU.

President Trump wants all action on the tax bill completed by Christmas.

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