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Behind the flames: smoke inhalation

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Chief Meteorologist Chuck Collin's cold temperatures will bring out the space heaters and have some using their fireplace. 

But one loose ember or unattended heater could turn a cozy night into a tragedy. 

When the fire alarm goes off  you want to get out of the house immediately. 

But what if you can't?

In scenes like these there is a good chance your exit won't be through a door. 

If your up on the second floor you may have to wait for rescue crews.

But a silent killer is lurking behind the blaze.


The Peoria Fire Department said smoke inhalation is the cause behind most of fire fatalities in the area.

But how can you hold on while waiting for help?

It starts with the biggest rule.

You have to stay low to the ground, especially if you are checking outside your door. 

 "Make sure you close the bedroom door, and put blanket or anything you can to keep the smoke out. Get to the window and stick your head out and call for help. Wait for the fire department to get there," said Assistant Fire Chief for Peoria, Ed Olehy.

You can use your pillow, or a wet wash cloth for a filter from the smoke but it won't last long. 

Again,  these strategies are for if you are trapped inside the burning building. 

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