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Lawsuit on immigration law dropped, to be filed federally

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CRYSTAL LAKE, Ill. (AP) - Attorneys for a Mexican immigrant suing a sheriff's office over alleged violations of Illinois' new immigration law are withdrawing a county lawsuit and pursing it in federal court.

The law limits cooperation between local and federal immigration authorities.

Attorneys for Niceforo Macedo-Hernandez of Crystal Lake say the McHenry County sheriff's office violated the law by holding him on an Immigration and Customs and Enforcement detainer. He was arrested on a domestic battery charge, but transferred to ICE custody after bond was paid.

Defense attorney George Kililis says dropping the case is "strategic" and the sheriff's actions amount to "blatant illegality." A federal lawsuit could be filed as early as this week.

Sheriff Bill Prim says dropping the complaint shows the law was followed. He didn't respond to questions about a possible federal lawsuit.

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