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BU students take a tour down an unfamiliar road

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For many people their experiences are limited to their own circle of friends and family.  That can be limiting if you're a first year college student. 

Bradley University's annual Tunnel of Oppression as it's called,  is considered an eye opener for some freshman. 

Dramatizations are among several exhibits inside Bradley University's Tunnel of Oppression that opened on campus Tuesday.   The interactive tour brings to life issues affecting sexual assault victims, the transgender community, mental health challenges and more. 

"It was kind of shocking for some portions of it, but some of it I was already aware of.  It was a good reminder to see and it was good to see other people's reactions to that kind of stuff," said Bradley Freshman Talia Saleh.

"The most eye opening exhibit for me was the anti-semitism and although bomb threats have been made to the Jewish communities I had no clue about that that was shocking to me," said Bradley Freshman Victor Pannke.

One Mexican American student says he was glad to see the exhibit on immigration.

"Coming from parents that are immigrants it's like people don't really know what happens behind closed doors like with trying to be successful as an immigrant.  So that fact that student went through this they got information and saw what it's like to be in their shoes it's good, made me feel good about Bradley," said Bradley Freshman Nestor Peralta. 

One organizer says the program does not stop at the end of tour.

"This 20 minute program can't cover everything in that time.  We just hope they come away from this program excited about learning something new so that they can create a more inclusive environment at Bradley," said co-organizer Norris Chase.

The exhibit is not just for Bradley students the public is welcome.  But you must register.   The exhibit continues through Thursday. 

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