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Local veterans getting honored by volunteers

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Some local students and volunteers are giving back to our veterans by "joining hands".

To many, November is a time to be thankful; but, this month we can't forget about remembering those who've served in our nation's military.

Joining Hands to Thank Veterans is a collaboration between the Peoria Notre Dame Key Club students and the Fuller Center for Housing.

The group surprises those who have served, giving them treats, and honoring them.

"I'm blushed right now," said Sean Smith, a Marine Corps veteran.

The fact that area high school students are going above and beyond to serve veterans, means a lot to those being honored.

"Sometimes we seem to lose sight of why we live in a free country," said Marine Corps veteran Jason Pauli. "It's really important to pass that on from generation to generation."

Smith agrees. "It's history, you're passing it on. It's the chain of command," said Smith. "From our older age, to our new age. The more they know, the more we can share our experiences with them."

The group is surprising those who've served with some treats, and even a plaque.

"The sacrificed so much for our country and it's so important that we give our thanks and show ...what they do mean so much to us," said Sara Ward, one of the student volunteers.

Other volunteers agree.

"I don't think that there's anything we can do to fully say thank you," volunteer Erin Ward. "This is just a little small part that can let them know how appreciative we are."

"Seeing the joy on their faces, it makes me happy," said volunteer Rachel Kottoor.

The group's effort, is paying off.

Smith was very thankful. Saying "I'm a little caught off guard, very honored."

"I'm surprised and really appreciative of it," said Pauli.

The group is doing the surprises through Veteran's Day.

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