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Two Bartonville cops called heroes

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Two local police officers battled past a burning blaze late Sunday save a man's life.   

"I went out the back door and I seen this truck that's wrapped around this tree and it looked like it was catching on fire,"  said Bartonville resident Keith Haun who heard the accident from inside his home. 

Haun says he ran back to his house on Lafayette Road in Bartonville to get a fire extinguisher and in the seconds that he returned, he saw the pickup truck on fire.   By then he said other residents ad come out to try and help the driver,  25-year-old Logan Vaughn.

"They're all trying to help him, we're all sitting there trying to do whatever we can, I'm encouraging him to keep talking to me, we got help on the way," he said.

Haun said two Bartonville police officers Matthew Schumm and John Mobech arrived at the fiery scene within minutes.

"They went down in a ravine cause the car is flipped on it's side to try and get through the passenger side window and door to get him out," said Bartonville Police Chief Brian Fengel.

The Bartonville Police chief says it didn't take the officers long to get Vaughn out of the burning truck.   Fengel says he believes speed was a factor in the accident. 

As for Haun, he said it was important to video tape the accident because the police saved a man's life.

"They've taken enough flack over the years of being police officers, it's time that we start to honor them for doing such a heroic effort, they risked their lives," he said.

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