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Juvenile suspect in custody for Sunday murder

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Peoria Police aren't saying yet whether or not they will charge a 16-year-old homicide suspect as an adult or juvenile.   The teen was arrested last night after his release from the hospital.    He faces investigation for murder in connection with Sunday's shooting of another teen 16-year-old Trayvon Harris.
That shooting happened in an alley off Columbia Terrace.    In the meantime the Peoria Community Against  Violence is holding a "stand up for peace" rally for the family.  

Police are holding the suspect in the Peoria County Juvenile Detention Center. 

One teen advocate says too often at risk youth engage in self destructive behavior that sometimes adults don't condone.    He says without a  strong sense of values, morals from one or both parents kids can fall victim to bad choices especially those from single family homes with no support systems. 

"The child is still vulnerable but less vulnerable and particularly if they have a support group, other family members who kinda look out for the child," said New Millennium Institute Director Agbara  Bryson.

Bryson says it's also important for teenagers to have mentors, people who can hold them accountable for their behavior.   He says they also need access to more vocational trades that can provide training for good jobs because not everyone wants to go to a four year college. 

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