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OSF St. Francis NICU babies dress for Halloween

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There were some in the Heart of Illinois who couldn't wait for Halloween!

Literally, they were born early. 

Nurses dressed up NICU babies at OSF. St. Francis Medical Center. 

Little princesses, skeletons, and flowers are just a few of the costumes these babies got to wear. 

One nurse came up with the idea after her own personal experience gave her a new perspective. 

"I was a mother once on the other side of the walls. I remember what it was like to be NICU. It's very traumatic. It's very scary. I wanted to make a difference in parent's lives. I wanted to give them better memories than what they started with," said registered nurse, Sarah Miller. 

The nurses also handed out care baskets to parents who spend long hours in the NICU with their babies. 

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