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Republican Congressman reacts to grand jury indictments

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Congressman Darin LaHood says the federal grand jury indictments are serious but he doesn't see evidence of voter fraud or connections to the Trump administration.

LaHood toured the Illinois Fertilizer and Chemical Association near Bloomington Monday.

He also took a moment to look ahead to one of the GOP's key goals: tax relief.

"We simplify the tax code, give them a tax break. 50% of this country lives paycheck to paycheck. And what we want to do is put more money in the pockets of middle class folks, more money in their paychecks so they save of for their kid's education or maybe it's buying a new car, maybe it's saving up for a mortgage. We think they need a break," LaHood said. 

He hopes Republicans can also slash the business tax rate to 25% and balance the budget in the next decade.

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