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Lights, camera, Diwali!

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Children at the Peoria Children's Playhouse make Diwali crafts Children at the Peoria Children's Playhouse make Diwali crafts

The Diwali celebration in Peoria is in full swing!

Halloween isn't the only fun celebration happening in the Heart of Illinois and around the world. 

Happy Diwali - the five day hindu celebration highlights the triumph of good over evil and darkness to light. 

The Peoria Children's Playhouse in collaboration with the Hindu Temple of Central Illinois hosted a Diwali event where kids made arts and crafts while learning about the holiday.

Diwali lights are a symbol to encourage people from all backgrounds to celebrate the victory of light over darkness.

The festival also is meant to inspire folks to share wealth and knowledge with each other.

The Playhouse says activities like these spread cultural awareness in a fun and educational way, teaching diversity, tolerance and shared commonalities. 

The Diwali celebration, like many others is part of the Playhouse's 'Celebrate Peoria' program. 

The various events highlight, explore, and celebrates the many cultures that make up the dynamic fabric of Central Illinois through performances, art projects, food and more.

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