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Peoria Heights complex expansion with hefty price tag

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Peoria Heights, Ill. (WEEK) - An improvement that carries a $2.5 million dollar price tag is coming to the village of Peoria Heights. Heritage Square in the heights is looking to be a one-stop shop with their upcoming expansion. The complex will add another wing to the already existing building, plus better parking. This is a concept that's been in the village's plan for a decade.

When current owner Kevin Shields acquired heritage square two years ago, he says most of the space was used for offices. now, he's completely changing the atmosphere. By the end of the month the gravel lot you're used to seeing at the complex will be the construction zone for a new addition.

"We want to bring people here to the property not to just 'you could go there or buy it from Amazon', things you really have to come here for to do", says Shields.

He says it isn't his mission to get more people here, but to stay here. "We want to promote that idea of going up and having dinner up somewhere in the heights or even down here at TNT's and the walk down to the property."

Current tenants at Heritage Square are also excited. 

"I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more shops like that coming into the area and sharing the experience we have throughout our summers and winters and everything", says David Lytle, General Manager at Pour Bros.

The four to six new businesses are expected to open Spring 2018. 

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