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Ameya Pawar drops Democratic bid for governor

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Chicago alderman Ameya Pawar is dropping his Democratic bid for Illinois governor, saying he couldn't raise enough money to run a statewide campaign.

In a letter to supporters, Pawar said his only other option to continue his campaign was to cut staff or go into personal debt, an option he said he wasn't willing to take as the father of a young family. 

"We raised $828k from 2,2526 donors; that is amazing. But as you know, the race for Illinois governor will set a record as the costliest race in American history," said Pawar. Both Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democratic candidate JB Pritzker have indicated they are willing to spend more than $150 million of their personal fortunes on their campaigns. 

Pawar said he will launch a political action committee to organize young people around progressive causes. 

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