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Stand up for peace reflects on Peoria violence

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PEORIA, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

Peoria Community Against Violence (PCAV) held another vigil for peace on Wednesday night, after the 9th homicide in the river city this year.

Friends and family of Shypriece Davis gathered at the Gateway Building on Peoria's riverfront, not only remembering the young man they affectionately called 'Prie,' but asking what needs to be done to keep this from happening again.

Those who spoke on Wednesday remembered Shypriece as a caring, fun-loving guy who would always make them smile.

Even as they fought their way through tears, they recalled the happy memories, rather than focus on the weekend shooting that took his life.

Davis was killed on Sunday, shot to death just before noon in the 2000 block of West Ann in Peoria.

Davis' grandmother, Stephanie Butler, remembered the phone calls she would get from her grandson, many as simple as an 'I love you.'

"It hurts. I don't know how I feel - I feel real numb," said Butler. "I'm very numb, but I know I have to stay strong. I have to stay strong. I have to-...I have to. But it's just, I just. I miss that phone call."

"It goes back to men, in my opinion," explains PCAV Chairman Terry Burnside. "We have to do more, in respect to educating young men, onto- how to resolve conflict."

Prie's brother, father and mother also spoke, remembering a brother and son they'll be living without.

One of the other speakers was Rev. Lynnda White, who claimed that African Americans in Peoria are far too often the victims in situations like this. 

Statistics from the Peoria Police Department show that, through the end of September, Peoria had 58 shooting victims - only two of which have been white.

Further, of the nine murder victims in Peoria so far for 2017, only one was white. All of the eight other victims were black, and only one of those was female. 

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