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Boy Scouts allowing girls into the program

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The Boy Scouts of America made a big announcement Wednesday that they'll start accepting girls into the scouting program.  The boy scouts have been a male only group ever since the early days of its existence more than 100 years ago.  Now young girls will have the chance to not just join the boys, but also earn the highest honor, that of eagle scout.   Only a small percentage of scouts ever achieve that status.  One scout masters expressed surprise while another said it's about time.

"I think that by allowing girls to earn the rank of eagle scout it's going to be able to help develop their leadership and show that they can do all the same things boys can do," said Troop 178 Scout Master Maggie Johnson. 

"I'm not knocking a program for boys and girls that will have the same tenants as the boys scout program to evolve and to exist.  however i do think there should be opportunity for young boys to grow up in a traditional boy scout environment," said Troop 219 Scout Master  Wayne Cannon.
The change takes place next year.  A separate cub scout program for older girls will be available as  part of the changes.  Some scout masters say the move will bring more gender equality when competing for jobs or scholarships

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