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Public recommends changes for the city budget

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On Wednesday night, the city council will discuss Peoria's spending plan for next year. 

The city faces a nearly $8 million budget deficit. 

City Manager Patrick Urich says the council knows it has to make adjustments to the budget and asked for your help.

Recommendations from the public came in over the past few months and most of the survey found people want pension changes.

Urich said, "There was a significant amount of comments about pensions because it's a large segment of our budget that keeps growing...and I think that the public asked for, ummm, saying we should try to reform our pension system and move towards a 401k type of program instead of a defined benefit plan." 

About 1,300 city residents took the online survey. When we asked how seriously the survey results will be taken, the city manager said they're "a good pulse check."

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