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Counselor recommends exit plan for residents attending public events

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As we've seen with one shooting tragedy after another....society tends to forget after a while and it's back to life as usual.  But some psychologists say the Las Vegas shooting  is a reminder of America's need to remain vigilant about public safety. 

Peoria Psychologist Steven Hamon says too often people get so excited about concerts like the weekend event in Las Vegas that they let their guard down. 

"What we want to keep is that preparedness, be prepared to take a safety course, be prepared instead of paranoia.   Park districts, police departments at least can point people towards where they can learn safety procedures," Hamon said.

Hamon adds by having an emergency plan,  people attending public events can offset their fears.
he recommends be constantly aware of your surroundings, and suggest taking with safety courses to help develop a healthy vigilance.   Easing fears might also mean learning how you can contribute in your community by giving blood or volunteering.   Hamon also recommends limiting television viewing of such tragedies.

Another counselor says parents should talk to their children about the mass shootings in an age appropriate way and monitor their social media activities.

"More than anything I think parents need to know how to be made aware what their child is reading, seeing, and engaging in on social media and you want access to their account and access to their phone," said Counselor Jonna Tyler. 

Hamon says it's impossible to eliminate all the risks in society.  But he encourages people to recall acts of kindness and grace even during difficult times.   


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