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Buddy Check: Sisters each fighting their own cancer battles

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In today's Buddy Check 25 report, two sisters battling cancer diagnosed just weeks apart.

On Mother’s Day, Karen Cox was diagnosed with stage four small cell lung cancer. By the time she was diagnosed, the disease had already spread to her bones.         

Karen's cancer is inoperable. Because of her diagnosis, Karen’s sister Kathy Colson wanted to make sure she was healthy.

While an ex-ray showed her lungs were clear, Kathy found a lump while doing a breast self-exam. Further testing confirmed she has two types of breast cancer. The sisters agree the hardest part of their cancer battles has been chemotherapy.

"We've both been sick a lot so it was kind of hard for me to go over and see her as much as I was going over and seeing her before I found out I had breast cancer,” said Kathy Colson, who is fighting breast cancer. “But when you go through chemo you get very, very sick so that's been a tough one for me because I can't go and do as much as I want for her."

"I wouldn't be here without her. She's been a big support even though she's going through it herself. She's been right there so we bug each other, but yep, she's my rock," said Karen Cox, who is fighting lung cancer.  

Kathy has had three rounds of chemo so far.          

Karen finished her final round, but doctors worry her cancer could still spread to her brain. These sisters are trying to stay strong for each other.

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