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Peace protest over police killing of bank robber suspect

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Family members of Eddie Russell Junior took their concerns to the streets Friday in hopes of getting more answers from the Peoria Police Chief Jerry Mitchell.

Emotions ran high as protesters left Martin Luther King park in Peoria headed for the police department.
Once there they chanted several times in support of 25 year old Russell Junior killed Wednesday by Peoria police. 

"I still trusted them i stood there for three and a half hours trusting that they were going to make sure that this man was not killed and none of that happened," said Rev. Clara Underwood.

Protesters say Russell's father should have been allowed a chance to speak to his son during the standoff that lasted several hours.

They wanted to hear from Police Chief Jerry Mitchell about his decision

"Anybody out there should have been able to talk.  he didn't do it. he failed us so there's nothing for the community.  Nobody's feeling the police.  Nobody's gonna call the police we don't trust them," said protester Bernard Young.

The victim's father says he wants answers.

"My baby was murdered as far as i am concerned.  He had 18 shots throughout his body in his jaw, the back of his head.  That doesn't sound like a person who's charging you or had a gun pointed at you," said Edward Russell Sr.

Russell's father says he told police several times his son suffered from emotional problems.  He says if they had allowed him to talk with his son he would still be alive.  


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