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Harrison Learning teacher creates after school safety, learning zone

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On behalf of HOI News and CEFCU, we would like to send a special congratulations to our One Class at a Time thousand dollar grant winner.

Fifth grade teacher Chetni Cobb was overwhelmed when she figured out why our camera crew invaded her classroom this week. 

    Starting at 8:15 every morning, students and staff at Harrison Community Learning Center are locked-in to their curriculum. But when the bell rings 3:30, some students are in need of a place to go... Spurring one teacher into action.

5th grade teacher Chetni Cobb has been with the school for seven years and has seen the need for after school learning.  So she started "flip" or fun learning interactive program.
"You know - it gives them somewhere to go until parents get home. A lot of parents don't get home until four-thirty or five o'clock, so they can make sure, number one, they're doing homework, staying out of any kind of trouble, they get a snack, and they're safe", said Cobb.

This after-school program goes much deeper than most. Cobb had a dream to provide hands-on learning for skills that aren't taught in the normal classroom setting.

"Its fun learning interactive program  so we do have fun. It's homework club for the first half hour, kids get a healthy snack, then we go into different classes. We have sports we have Spanish, we are in Hispanic heritage month. Not every kid learns from a textbook. This gives them a whole different plethora of things to do to learn, because this is academic, and just to be themselves", said Cobb. 

For administrators, like Principal Fabian Daniels, the program wasn't hard to approve.

"They are learning... Different trades. So Mrs. Cobb has them sewing, yoga for our health. But also students are learning things they might not have ever experienced before", said Daniels.

It's just one of the many reasons Cobb is HOI New's One Class at a Time grant winner.

"She helps us every time we get stuck on a part we don't understand.. she tells us keep trying and don't give up", said student and F.L.I.P participant, Janaya Bailey.

The program doesn't stop there. With the new funds, Cobb and Daniels see a bright future for the flip program. 

"I would like to see it across the district, honestly. Who knows if the state budget will get any better. But with little things in house I'm sure it can spread district wide", said Cobb.

There is still a long waiting list for the program... But  Cobb hopes the one-thousand dollar grant will pave the way to getting more money so the program can expand.

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