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Local relief agencies rev up the call for volunteers

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The damage from back to back hurricanes in Florida and Texas could stretch resources among relief agencies.  Some  local Salvation Army staff are doing double duty to help round up more volunteers.  

Lana Barnhill has only been working at the Salvation Army as volunteer liaison for six months.  But with the onslaught of two hurricanes back to back her work load has doubled. 

"There are people that have been serving in Texas for some time and they are cycling them out every two weeks.  so we need to replace them and have people ready and able to go," she said.

The local Salvation Army and Red Cross have already sent volunteers to Texas for Hurricane Harvey relief.   Now that Hurricane Irma swept through Florida there's a huge demand for more help, creating a bigger challenge than usual on the Salvation Army's volunteer base.

"There is more pressure because we not only have to help out down south but we still have to be on call  here if something happens, " said Salvation Army Spokesperson Sam Amick.

Amick says when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005 in New Orleans Salvation Army volunteers were involved in that relief for two years.  That's why the agency is revving up it's appeal for volunteers.

"Something this large requires more volunteers, more resources.  this is not like anything we've seen in history," Amick said.

He says there could be as many as 150 local volunteers sent to Texas and Florida and he expects that the disaster relief effort could last two years or  longer.

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