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MUST SEE: Pekin man's driveway turned into a garbage dump by a local fireman

PEKIN, Ill. (HOI) -- -

A Pekin man came home to a mound of garbage in his driveway on September 11, 2017.

Ed Tarpley says his son Chad, owner of C&T Siding and Construction had an outstanding balance with Dragon Dumps, a waste removal company.

Tarpley helps his son with the business from time to time but is not employed with them and was furious when he learned the company decided to retaliate, by dumping the waste on his property.

Drew Vice, the owner of that company and a member of the Pekin Fire Department, says he sent 6 invoices seeking payment from C&T but received little communication about when that payment would be received.

Business between the two began back in June and after months of not being compensated, Vice decided to take random trash and drop it on Tarpley's property.

Vice admitted that the trash was not the same waste that he initially removed for Tarpley, rather someone else's, stating that "trash is trash" and firmly standing by his decision.

Chad Tarpley told 25 News that he did communicate with Dragon Dumps and explained that he would be making a payment as soon as he could.

Tarpley expressed disgust and confusion that the company would drag his father into the mess.

The Tarpleys have received an ordinance from Pekin stating that they have 7 days to remove the trash or further action will be taken.

The matter will be resolved in court between the two parties involved.

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