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Chillicothe VFW post to not air sports of teams that 'don't respect,' flag, anthem

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VFW Post 4999 is making one thing clear.

"It's a stand against the teams that will not honor the American flag," said veteran Gareth Greene. 

Post 4999 has put a sign up for anyone who walks in: "The NFL and some of their players have chosen to disrespect the flag and National Anthem by sitting or kneeling."

The  sign goes on to say members of  the Chillicothe  VFW post cherish the flag as a symbol that keeps them going, which is why  it has  decided not air any professional football games  where either team disrespects the flag or the National Anthem.

The  sign doesn't mince words either, pointing out  its viewpoint is something that "cry baby millionaires" could never understand. 

"It's against basically everything we stand for," explained Greene. "The American Flag and what we all fought for." 
Post 4999 says they welcome all people with all sorts of diversity in opinion, but say if anyone comes in and expresses anti-American sentiments, they will be asked to leave.

"We don't want anything to do with it." 

And the refusal to show games with players who kneel for the anthem or protest the flag won't cover just football.

"We'll probably do the same thing with each sport as it happens," said Greene.

The sign will remain up for as long as the post shows sports. 

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