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Bloomington Race for the Cure brings out hundreds

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The twin cities were electric Saturday morning as hundreds raced for a cure.

The race kicked off at the State Farm headquarters in Bloomington.

Everyone has their own reason to think pink.

"I had chemo first, then surgery, then radiation. But that last day of ringing the bell for radiation was just relief, and over-enjoyment, that it was finally over," said Teresa Holley, a survivor. 

From survivors, to the newly diagnosed, to the support teams, Susan G. Komen's Race for the Cure creates a sisterhood for those effected.

"They might not get together every week or everyday, but with the Race for the Cure, they are able to come together that one day and do a survivor walk all together and really celebrate their moment," said Breast Health Navigator Lisa Lowery. 

One walker told us there are more survivors now than when she first started walking.

But added not everyone gets a happy ending.

"My mother is a breast cancer survivor and so is my cousin Karen. But I lost my best friend to breast cancer about 5 years ago. So I will do whatever I can to support getting rid of this disease," said Teresa Lehr.

With the new buy one get one registration program, it let's you buy one then give another one for free.

It has one survivor getting in on all the action but it's a gift she said she wasn't expecting on getting this year.

"I'm still in shock. It's a happy shock. The end came--and it was a shock when it came. And I think I'll be in shock the next few months," said Kat Donald, a survivor.  

She walked as a survivor, a word she couldn't say until just last Thursday. 

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