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NAACP looks to increase local election participation

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PEORIA, Ill (HOI) -- -

The Peoria NAACP kicked off its voter registration efforts with a community engagement rally.

The "No More Silence...Do the Right Thing" event focused on voter education, registration, and participation. 

Peoria NAACP President Pastor Marvin Hightower said the rally was about getting people excited for the 2018 elections because the the community lacks in participating in local elections. 

"Voting of course is our biggest weapon...that's the best weapon...that's the way we can change systems. Not just holler and scream at a meeting or just a rally but in order to change systems to just have to vote," said Hightower.

Hightower also talked about some of the local issues impacting the community like school funding and city stickers.  

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