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Peoria City Council pondering vehicle sticker fee

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It could cost you more money to simply have  a vehicle in the city of Peoria.   Peoria City council members are considering the option of an additional vehicle sticker fee.   Peoria city drivers could be required to get a vehicle sticker under a proposal city council is reviewing.   City Council Member Sid Ruckriegel says he's against the idea, calling it similar to a regressive tax. 

"As we know those fees usually never go down in year two or three and as more revenue is needed it's all too easy to be able to increase that," he said.

"It hits everybody at $25-dollars or whatever number you come up with, regardless of your ability to pay so that's something that would need to be addressed before I could support it," said City Council Member Tim Riggenbach.

Peoria is facing a nearly 8 million dollar budget deficit next year and with some city worker salaries in the six-figure range, cutting costs are at the top of everyone's mind.

But City Manager Patrick Urich says most of the high-salary workers are police and fire union employees with  negotiated contract agreements that are difficult to adjust.

"If they didn't agree to it then the only option the city council has is to reduce the number of employees we have performing those services. 
There are two more public budget hearings.  After that the city manager will meet with the council about tackling the deficit.
Some council members like Tim Riggenbach have already say they don't want to see cuts to public safety.   A few years ago the fire department made concessions to avoid layoffs, it's unclear if that will happen again.   

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