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Madigan investigating Equifax breach, calling for free credit freezes

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is launching an investigation to the massive data breach at credit reporting firm Equifax, and calling on the company to free the credit ratings of all Illinoisans for free. 

The cyberattack was announced late Thursday by the company. More than 143 million Americans potentially had personal information such as names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and addresses compromised by the breach, which occurred between May and July of 2017. 

“The potential risks to Illinois consumers from Equifax’s massive data breach are serious,” Madigan said. “I urge every Illinois resident to take precautions such as placing a freeze on your credit to reduce any damage likely to occur as a result of Equifax’s massive data breach.”

Madigan recommended considering placing a credit freeze on credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies, closely inspecting your credit reports, considering placing an alert on your financial accounts whenever a large amount of money is withdrawn, and being on the lookout for phishing e-mails and spoofed e-mail addresses. 

Equifax has set up a website to check to see if you're impacted by the data breach. A phone line is also available at 1-866-447-7559. Madigan said people affected by identity theft in the wake of the breach can also call the Identity Theft Hotline at 1-866-999-5630. 

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