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Breast Cancer Survivor gets extended family

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Cancer is a difficult diagnoses for anyone whether your family is big or small.  But one Bloomington woman says she's learned that family can extend well beyond blood ties.

In December of 2014 when Denise Cesario was diagnosed with breast cancer her co-workers formed "Team Denise" a support group.

"With Team Denise it was about support.  I  relayed what was going on in my like to Kathy who then took it to facebook and social media, so i didn't have to keep posting and doing all that," she said.

Co-worker Holly Rickert and staff hung pink buttons all over the McLean County Clerk's office. Cesario's boss Kathy Michael, a 20-year breast cancer survivor say's it was time to help their co-worker.

"It's just so different now than 20 or 25 years ago.   I think it helps when others will help share and get involved with you to let you know that you're not alone.
"We just all pull together despite political differences or personal differences when someone needs help and support, we're there for them," said McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael.
Cesario says during her two surgeries, radiation and chemo treatments  co-workers cooked dinner, visited her, and helped relieve her on the job.   She add faith, family and an upbeat personality also played a role.

"My strength comes from god and just something that he put in me.  I like to laugh, i like to have fun," she said.

Cesario says this Saturday's Race for the Cure will be a blast with no walker or cane like she used last year while recovering from hip replacement. 

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