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EXCLUSIVE: Father of 18-month-old who was allegedly abused says she has to learn to walk again

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MORTON, Ill. (WEEK) -- -

An affidavit gives the horrifying details of what Kahlus Adams allegedly did to his 18-month-old niece.

We spoke to the girl's father and aunt exclusively Wednesday.

They both are still visibly shaken by what happened.

Now they're asking for justice.

Heartbreak and disbelief surround a Central Illinois family, after 18-month-old Isabella Burgess was allegedly abused at the hands of her uncle.

A police affidavit says it happened when  20-year-old Kahlus Adams was watching the toddler August 11th.

Adams initially told detectives Isabella fell off the couch, but soon admitted to the abuse.

Mark Burgess Junior is Isabella's father.

He said, "I hope it never has to happen to anyone else's kids again."

The affadavit details the injuries.

Here's some of what it says.

"In addition to a broken femur and subdural hematoma, a skeletal survey revealed (child) also had a broken arm."

"...Also state he swung her through the air and let go, causing her head to strike a deep freezer."

"...He grabbed her leg and twisted it, at which point she began crying even harder and could not get up and walk.".

Burgess Junior added, "I was hurt heartbroken, and I was really upset and mad. I just have a lot of anger. I wish I would have prevented it because she's my daughter and I'd do anything to keep my daughter safe."

Isabella was in the hospital for a week, three of those days were spent in the ICU.

"Seeing her on all the pain meds and everything. It was just not a good sight," said Amanda Massey, Isabella's aunt.

Now Isabella will have to learn to walk again.

"She's a trouper it's not stopping her. She's trying to walk, she scooches, she army crawls," said Burgess Jr.

Isabella got both casts off Wednesday and now has to wear a leg brace for the next three weeks.

We did go to the uncle's  apartment, no one answered the door.

His attorney said his client has no statement.

Adams is due back in court tomorrow 

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