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Local healthcare professionals are praising a Utah nurse's actions

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A video of Utah nurse Alex Wubbels quickly went viral.

In the video she's being arrested, after she told an officer she would not give him a blood sample from an unconscious patient.

Jennifer Hopwood, Chief Nursing Officer at OSF St. Francis Medical Center, says that nurse did what she was supposed to do: protect her patient.

She said, "I think that the nurse's actions in Utah just highlight again why nursing is ranked the most trusted profession year in and year out for the last 14 years."

A detective involved and another officer were placed on paid leave Friday, when the video was released.

The hospital has already changed its policy.

Police will now only talk to hospital administrators, not doctors or nurses.

But what are the procedures for our local hospitals?

Here's OSF's policy.

No lab specimen can given out unless the patient consents, the person has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs or there's a court order.

Healthcare professionals at OSF say they're happy with this policy and they're going to keep it in place.

The hospital does have a plan in place if someone is trying to get around protocol, following the chain of command.
"We have an outstanding leadership team here that ensure that our policies are current and reflect what is the best practice and evidence based and based up on those factors I feel confident that we are in the correct position we should be in," said Debbie Trau, Director of Nursing for Emergency Services and Patient Experience.

We reached out to Peoria Police, who say they have a close relationship with OSF and always comply with Illinois law.

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