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Morton man charged with abusing toddler, including breaking femur in half (Warning: details are graphic)

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A Morton man is out on bond after being charged with serious allegations of child abuse that include breaking a toddler's femur in half. 
According to an affidavit 20 year old Kahlus Adams was watching the 18 month old girl for his wife's sister when it happened on August 11th.
The girl's parents told detectives at the hospital that Adams and his wife Amber picked up the child and her siblings that morning around 5:30 a.m.. But mid-morning they received a call that there was something wrong with the toddler's leg and they needed to come to OSF St. Francis.
Both Kahlus and his wife initially told detectives that the little girl was limping when they picked her up (a fact the parents disputed,) and said their niece fell off a couch while the aunt was gone from the home and the uncle was watching the children.
However, a pediatric specialist told detectives the injuries the child sustained were inconsistent with a single incident.
When authorities went back to question him again, that's when Kahlus admitted to the abuse. He said when the child wouldn't stop crying he threw a full sippy cup at her face, picked her up and swung her around causing her head to strike a wall four times, threw her causing her head to hit a freezer, and then grabbed her leg, twisting it, leaving her unable to walk.
The little girl was taken to the hospital where she stayed for several days for treatment of a broken leg, broken arm, and bleeding on the brain. 
Kahlus Adams is facing three counts of aggravated battery of a child. His bond was set at $100,000 and he posted the 10% bond.  He's due back in court September 7th. There's no word yet on whether his wife will face any charges.

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