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State payment plan will be tested under school reform bill

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School leaders are getting a lesson in patience this month, anxiously awaiting payments from the state.

Canton Schools are waiting for $760,000. additional dollars each year under the state education reform bill's new funding formula.  Superintendent Rolf Sivertsen says they're still owed $500,000. dollars, but he's not counting yet.

"I'm pessimistic but that's my nature as being superintendent, conservative and I'm hoping that we can put this behind us and get back on track to a sound financial footing," he said.

A spokesperson with the state comptrollers office says school districts around the state should start getting money this week for payments missed in August.
September payments are due around the 10th and 20th.   Peoria Public Schools chief financial officer believes the state will start to make it right.

"When you've gone through as much as we've gone through with the various advocates and you finally get to this point i th9ink you have so much vested and invested that it makes sense to do what you can to make it work," said Peoria Public Schools C.F.O.  Mick Willis.

Unlike Canton's superintendent Willis says he believes the state will pay Peoria Public Schools three million dollars owed from last year.   
State legislators have talked about  selling bonds or borrowing money to catch up on  $15 billion dollars in late payments.   But  it's unclear if that will happen this fall.  

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