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ISU students rally against DACA decision

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NORMAL, Ill. (HOI) -- -

As of Tuesday, DACA has a 6 month expiration date, and local lawmakers are hoping to see congress draft up new legislation soon. 

Republican U.S. Representative Rodney Davis said DACA was never meant to be a permanent solution and hopes congress can find the balance between compassion and the law. 

 He released a statement that said, "Our immigration system is broken, and it cannot be fixed simply by circumventing congress and legislating through the executive branch as attempted by the Obama administration."

Democratic U. S. Representative counters with her statement saying in part, "Splitting up families and deporting hundreds of thousands of productive members of our society who have lived here since they were small children does nothing to solve the immigration challenges our country faces."

Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger agrees.

He voted for DACA back in 2015.

He said President Obama's program did bypass Congress but offered a way for immigrants to quote "get right with the law".

Others locally are speaking out too. 

Some students at ISU took to the quad to march around to show the White House they weren't exactly pleased with the decision.

"I think that any repeal of DACA that would tell them that they would have to go back to a county, sometimes to a country where they don't even speak the same language of those in that country, is just heartless. It's heartless. I think it's immoral, and I'm here to make a stand," said Diane Mather, and ISU retiree.

Illinois State University said they're a welcoming campus.

That means they keep student and employee information confidential and campus police will not ask for immigration or citizenship status. 

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